15 Now is Going National!

Despite the loopholes, the achievement in Seattle yesterday was historic and the opportunity is ripe to utilize the momentum in order to spread the Fight for $15 nationwide. Even though the fight to close the loopholes is far from over, now that legislation for a $15 minimum wage has passed in Seattle, 15 Now is looking beyond that horizon and is going national.

15-Now-logoIt cost almost $150,000 to win yesterday’s legislation, and now 15 Now has launched a drive to raise another $150,000 to establish a strong national organization that can help take the Fight for $15 beyond Seattle and into the rest of the country. But they need our help to do it! Can you donate to 15 Now to help spread the movement nationwide? In addition to helping out the national organization, can you make a monthly donation to 15 Now PDX to help us fight big corporate money and win $15 here in Portland?