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Use this template to quickly and easily send a message to all the members of Portland’s City Council. Just fill in your name and email address, and then click send! You also have the option of adding your own comment.

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My name is (your name) and I am writing to encourage you to take action now to raise the minimum wage in Portland to $15. Raising the minimum wage is good for workers because they will have more money to spend and can afford the basic necessities of life. That is good for business because when people have more money to spend, business sales and production increase, giving a boost to the economy. It is also good for our city because higher-paid workers are less dependent on government assistance and they create a higher tax base for the city. This means both savings and more revenue for our city budget. With so many benefits to our city, its businesses, and its citizens, will you publicly support and work towards raising the minimum wage to $15 here in Portland?

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Thank you for time and consideration,

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Even better is to call the commissioners on the phone. Here is an example of what you can say when you call:

“Hi my name is ______________ and I live in Portland. I want to tell Commissioner __________________ that s/he need to vote to raise raise the Fair Wage Policy to $15 per hour, and also to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour for ALL city workers. Our tax dollars should not be used to pay poverty wages, because no one who works should live in poverty!”

Portland City Council Members

  1. Mayor Charlie Hales
    (503) 823-4120
  2. Commissioner Amanda Fritz
    Phone: (503) 823-3008
  3. Commissioner Steve Novick
  4. Commissioner Dan Saltzman
    (503) 823-4151
  5. Commissioner Nick Fish
    (503) 823-3589  

Contact Your State Representatives

Click here to find your state legislature and state senator, and give them call or send them an email encouraging them to

  • take up the issue of raising the minimum wage to $15 at the state level
  • repeal the law that prohibits cities and counties in Oregon from implementing a higher minimum wage than the state.

The bill to raise Oregon’s minimum wage to $15 has been referred to the House Business and Labor Committee and the Senate Workforce Committee. We are targeting the Democrats in these committees. Call them today and tell them to vote for $15!

House Business and Labor Committee – HB 2009:
1) Rep. Shamia Fagan 503-986-1451
2) Rep. Bret Barton 503-986-1440
3) Rep. Margaret Doherty 503-986-1435
4) Rep. Paul Evans 503-986-1420
5) Rep. Paul Holvey (chair) 503-986-1408
6) Rep Rob Nosse 503-986-1442 (sponsor of $15)

Senate Workforce Committee – SB 610:
1) Sen. Michael Dembrow (chair) 503-986-1723 (sponsor of $15)
2) Sen. Diane Rosenbaum 503-986-1700 (sponsor $15 and $12.20)
3) Sen. Sara Gelser 503-986-1708

Here is an example of what you can say or write when you contact your state representatives:

“Hi, my name is _________ and I am calling/writing to encourage  __________ to vote to raise Oregon’s minimum wage to $15. No one who works should live in poverty, and $15 is the number in Oregon that gets working families out of poverty and off of public benefits.”

End Poverty Wages