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The grassroots strategy and successful media campaign implemented by 15 Now PDX has steered the entire statewide conversation on raising the minimum wage toward $15. This work has led to tangible victories like a $15 minimum wage for all Multmonah County employees, and a $15 Fair Wage Policy for contract workers in Portland. These victories for $15 benefit the lives of real working people, and with your help we can win even more victories, bigger victories, including making Oregon the first state to win a $15 minimum wage.

Oregon is already the first state to have a serious conversation about a statewide $15 minimum wage, and we can be the first state to win $15. It is unlikely the state legislature will pass $15, but we can take it the ballot, we can win, and 15 Now PDX will be a leader in that effort.

To help us achieve this historic victory in the Fight for $15, 15 Now PDX is a launching a monthly sustainer fundraising campaign. Big business is going to throw down with the full weight of their unimaginable wealth in an effort to stop us. We won’t have big corporations throwing millions of dollars at us to win $15 like the opposition will have to stop it.

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What we do have is even more powerful… We have you. Working people. Activists. Allies. People who understand that when you raise the floor, you raise everyone up with it. People who share our vision of an Oregon where no one who works lives in poverty.

Your contributions are vital to the success of this campaign. Knowing that we have the money coming in on a monthly basis to help cover our campaign costs is vital to a sustained and successful struggle. Monthly sustainers help provide the month-to-month financial stability we need to keep growing and fighting.

Our first goal is 500 monthly sustainers donating $15 per month to the campaign. If $5 or $10 per month is what you can afford, that is great too. If you can give more than $15 per month, please do. If you can only give a one time donation, we thank you for that as well.

At whatever amount you are able, with your help and sustaining monthly support we can continue to grow and win bigger and better victories for Portland and for Oregon’s working class!

No one who works should live in poverty. $15 Now!

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(The photo at the top of this article was taken by Mark Colman)